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DLA help needed

Hello Everyone, I am having problems getting DLA despite doctors letters supporting it.

If anyone has Vasculitis, with Rheumatism based symptoms/ fatigue / urtucaria etc and has been awarded DLA, I could really do with some help. Any ideas, documents and or descisions would be of great help to me.

At the moment they are turning it down because they insist that its a skin condition caused by sunlight and that is specifically excluded. They dont seem to be able to see the rest of the symptoms.

Many Many Thanks

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I have messaged you with some suggestion. Keep in touch


I joined and downloaded information from The Works and Pensions site, which I put the link below. It was worth every penny and clearly states how these forms should be completed - I think it is £20 a year but you then can download how the questions should be answered. I also sent them as much guidance as they needed and any information I could as supporting evidence, including Cambridge investigation into tiredness / fatigue. Any letters from doctors consultants add, cross reference your information with your application form. It takes time but worth every penny.



See the thread at vasculitis-uk.healthunlocke... which provides suggestions to answer a question similar to yours.


I recently needed this help and got dla. everything ziggy says about the work and pensions site is right, also get the pdf for the route map to Vascilitis as that has excellent sections. also on the vasculitis site are useful pages on symptoms, treatment, etc... good luck, sandra99b


Hi Sandra thanks, I have been on the site (thanks Ziggy), was amazed at the rules and different reasons, none of which the dwp ever admit, I have a tribunal at the end of the month, but with the advice on the work and pensions website, I am sending a rather long letter tommorow asking for a revision, with medical advice and also highlighting the various docuemtns the DWP have that back the case.


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