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white cell count

Had the first infusion of third cycle of Rituixmab last Wednesday. Hospital rang me yesterday to say that my white cell count (neutrophils) are very low this is based on the bloods they took before the infusion. He told me to avoid people with colds/coughs etc. I have to have another blood test tomorrow and they may postpone next weeks infusion depending on what my white cells are at. Has anyone else had a low cell count and what have the effects been, have you been ill from it. He said mine where 133.



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I had the same thing - a low white blood cell count twice after my Intravenous Cyclophoshpamide treatments. It takes some time for the white blood cells to build up again.

I did not notice any side effects but have always and still do try to avoid people with infections. Are you taking a antibotic like Co-Trimoxazole ? I think that helps but I do not have any experince of Rituixmab.


Hi, I don;t take antibiotics. I have been today for a blood tests so will wait and see what that shows. I asked the nurse about the count of 133 as when my GP give me the results they say normal range is 2 to 7 but she just said that the hospital use different ranges.



I have had 2 infusions of Rituximab now, and on both occasions My white blood cell count dropped dangerously low. The first time They called and let me know. But the second time I ended up with septicemia which was very unpleasant. The cell drop seems to happen to me about 2-2 and half months after infusion. The doctors have told me it is unusual for this to happen. I think you just need to be careful during this period.

All the best.


Hi Jimmy

thank you for letting me know, sorry that you ended up with septicemia - that doesn;t sound good at all. Hope you are ok now.



I have had a very low, actually zero count which gave all my medical team quite a frieght, They wanted to admit into hospital but as it was a weekend I refused as they were not going to do anything, so went for further tests on the monday and it had gone up tp 2, so although very tired, I avoided everyone, became a hermit for a couple of weeks, They took me off Mycrophenalate and I had Rituxan intead and am still off Mycrohenalate and 15mg pred but having 6 monthly rituxan. But my wbc is ok., Have to be careful when I have too many antibiotics but other than that I am fine


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