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Blood Test Results From Rheumatology

Hey all :)

I've finally received my blood test results through the post, That were taken at the time of my first appointment 2 in half weeks ago. They are as follow-

Slight Decrease of Vitamin D 30.6 Vitamin D replacement would be an option if I'm not already on treatment.

FBC showed white cell count reduced to 3.5 & Neutrophil count reduced to 1.74

Thyroid - Normal

CRP - was 2

Plasma viscosity - 1.83

Lyme Serology - Negative

ANCA - Positive

Awaiting the result of a anti-MPO & anti- proteinase 3, to see significance of the positive ANCA

Not sure how to interpret these results.

Still waiting to be booked for my biopsies. I have some understanding of an ANCA.. but not the anti MPO etc.


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Hi Laura,

This is a recent update from the VUK website which explains ANCA

Again I am very concerned about the lack of urgency in treating you. A 2 week wait for an ANCA result in a symptomatic patient is very poor. Has your GP agreed to a specialist referral?

You are not going to get answers and effective treatment till you are seen by a Consultant with knowledge.

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Hey Keyes, thank you for replying

Thank you for the link I will have a look x

I have chased up with my doctor about my next Rheum Appointment & she doesn't seem to know anything, Its comforting to to hear someone who can sympathise with the waiting game.. I have asked personally & in writing & I've had no reply from my surgery about specialist referral.

It's so frustrating..

I wonder if I can request to see Loraine Harper through email or phone.

I am going to ring VUK helpline.

I haven't written a post on here because I have been so unwell. Exhaustive Fatigue has been barbaric!

I know Its not normal to feel like your body is shutting down.. but that's how it feels for me.


It's John who is on the helpline today, I would definitely give him a phone.

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Thanks Keyes x

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Hi LauraMk3

I don't know too much about your blood results but interesting they have tested for Lymes disease. Like vasculitis it is one of those rare diseases with non specific symptoms that often gets missed. You get it from tick bites. I knew some one who got very poorly with it and eventually made his own diagnosis after visiting doctors on numerous occasions.

The anti-MPO & anti- proteinase 3 are the two types of ANCA that can be found in patients with ANCA associated vasculitis. It helps diagnosis in that the anti-MPO (P ANCA) usually points to Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA) vasculitis (or possibly Churg Strauss) and anti- proteinase 3 (C ANCA) usually points to Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA).

I hope you get this sorted soon.



Hey Chris,

Thank you for replying, & explaining about ANCA, I read what Keyes had sent over too , & it's very interesting. I'm a little bit apprehensive in regards to my Rheum. Yes it's a little odd about the lymes disease. He asked if I had been to Scotland recently.. umm no.. I live by a river but no lymes thankfully. Weird question. Ticks off a box excuse the pun I really need to get things pushed along quicker as it's a slow & stop pace.

Thank you.

P.s I'm curious as to which form you have if you don't mind me asking? It seems like everyone I have spoken to have had the correct tests etc



I have MPA and unusually I have the C ANCA rather than P ANCA which is normally associated with MPA. More info on my profile. Chris.


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