good idea for support meetings?

there are a growing number of meetings across the country with a wide range of knowledgeable speakers, each with valuable information.

is it possible for videos to be made of these speakers that could be shown at other meetings?

I'd volunteer to do so at the Royal Liverpool meetings if the speakers were willing but would need a co-worker for times I couldn't make it.



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  • We discussed this is not as simple as one might think..but it does not mean to say it can't be done... it would have to be done by someone who knew what they were doing so that people can see the slides on the screen whilst the speaker is talking...and also to be able to hear what the speaker is saying clearly. You would also have to have the permission of the speaker...



  • exactly,

    maybe the speaker would allow us if they knew it was just for meetings.



  • I think it is a great idea. One thought is that any slides could be sent as a presentation in their own right. That way they could be, say, printed for the audience in case they are not captured on the video.

    Regards, Peter

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