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Just been hospitalised again. had my regular appointment consulatant said i was more unwell and needed to be admitted for test

Had the same test last time I was admitted with the same outcome lung function ect excellent. When I get tired i get brethless. and find it an effort to breathe. Had the visit from all the dr on the ward round who set up the various test. The lead consultant said I should try to take more excercise as it would help. I explained i am still working and running a home and if i do try to push things and not listen to my body I am unwell for longer. After all the test consultant treating me siad I needed to reconsider work as my body could not cope with what I was asking of it. So ascannot afford to stop work am going to have to make sure the rest of the household take up the ropes. Will find this difficult not particularly houseproud but if i neede something doing not good at waiting several days for it to be done wish me luck

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Sorry to hear that you are struggling, but you are being very sensible in listening to your body. There is nothing wrong in asking for help around the house. I am in the same position as you where I cannot afford to reduce hours at work, so I have to take time out in other areas, like social life, and get help with the house and garden at times. Best wishes



I had a friend who, about 20 years ago, was off sick for so long she was retired sick. I don't know how much she received monthly from her employers until her pension started but she seemed ok for money. don't they do that now - I'm probably being naive!



sorry that wasn't very helpful. surely they will be signing you off sick for a while? hope you feel a bit better today. sandra.


Discharged from Hopsitla On thursday all test normal including liver function which hasnt been normal for about 3 years! Initially when admitted consultants aid need to try and excerise more to get fitter stronger. Explained how if i pushed myself took longer to recover than if listening to my body also that i was still working 24 hrs a week and running a house. After all the test the consultant then said my body was no longer coping with the demands I was placing on it and I need to consider giving up work Talk about 1 U turn. Just got a sick note for a month going to rest as much as possible and see where I go from there wish me luck


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