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Life Insurance ?

There has been quite a few questions about travel insurance, but has anyone taken out Life insurance ??

I think I know that answer to this question already, but felt it worthy of an ask. I know that there are many companies offering insurance for the over fifty's, but I have checked quite a few of these. You would end up paying about £10500 for a guaranteed payout of £2500 upon your death. Not an exact example but it goes along those lines.

I have also looked at Endowment Policies, but no go there either.

So, does anyone know anything different that I might have missed ??

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Probably you will find that any insurance, whether it is for holidays, health cover, mortgage protection etc., will be governed by the same sort of rules. If you get cover then the premiums will be higher than for those without a pre-existing medical condition. They may also exclude your vasculitis from the list of things for which you can claim.

Genetic Alliance UK undertook some work into insurance "Asking the relevant questions, Insurance Project Report, 2010". That may help in some way.

Hopefully one or two of the Health Unlocked members might be able to give you first hand information.



Hi Patricia Ann,

Thanks for the info and thanks also for a speedy response.


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