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Travel insurance to America

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Please can anyone pass on the best insurance to take out for America. I Have GPA, Diabetes, Angina and fibro myalgia, also a couple of other minor things. I have contacted the company I have been with for the last couple of years with yearly cover for Europe, they have said they can not cover me for America. I have waited 7 years to be able to take my Grandchildren to America because of this horrible illness. My consultant has finally agreed I can fly to Florida, as long as I have good insurance. So thank you in advance, I am hopeful you lovely people will come up with something.

10 Replies
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This is from the website Theresak , hope it is helpful. There are others , I am sure other members in the group will share their experiences of using different Travel Insurers. I hope you manage to find a suitable one. Many diagnosed with vasculitis have travelled to the USA and Australia too. :-)

Best Wishes


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Try World First, but whoever you use, make sure when they quote you it includes cover for the illnesses you have declared and not cover excluding them.

If you need further info on World First let me know & I will find details.

Good luck

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We have used "All Clear" insurance to travel to Australia. They will quote either annual multi-trips Worldwide ex The Americas or Worldwide including the Americas. They will also quote for single journeys.

We have found them quite reasonable regards costs.

By including the Americas ( USA; Canada; Caribbean; Central America or Southern America) the quote will jump substantially depending on your illness and conditions due to the costs for treatment incurred in those countries. The illnesses we related were myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, lung cancer (surgically removed); COPD; and CKD and also Vasculitis. Mention of Lung cancer really boosts up the cost of the quote but we have been advised to declare this and any other condition when seeking when seeking a quote as any insurance company will seize on the chance to avoid paying out if they discover you have not declared a condition at the time of taking out the travel insurance even if you claim for a simple accident.

I do know some people who do not declare their conditions when travelling but they are taking a chance and 9 out of 10 trips they may get away with it but it is that one trip when it happens and they then find their insurance is invalidated because they did not declare all their conditions.

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Insureandgo covered me for USA when my usual wouldn't. I have WG, COPD.

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I have just used Direct Line and all my illnesses are exempt (not covered for) which is fine as I am just going to Spain. They have underwriters, which help and may even cover your illnesses?

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I have gone through our bank Barclays worldwide give them a ring

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Dear Theresak,

not a easy one but the following may help, I hope so anyway.

Find yourself a good 'broker' and explain you condition, in minute detail-I mean everything, no matter how trivial it seems. Allow him/her to permit prospective insurers to access any information about you, from any legitimate source- you may well have to sign paperwork, to enable this. Be sure to repeat this process, when actually taking out the insurance- sounds silly, I know, but please do do it anyway. Be sure to include exactly where you want to go, for how long, where you are staying, and with whom if you know this. Some insurers have been known to try and 'hold back' payments because you didn't mention- 'under any other illnesses'- that you had a tonsillectomy when you were four. A company called Revitalise, that used to be called 'The Winged Fellowship Trust' (Holidays for Dis-abled people and their carers) might be able to help. If I can find it, no guarantees mind, I'll send you their number.

In the mean time, I hope that you are successful-I was some years ago.

Please let us know, will you, best wishes AndrewT

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PMRpro in reply to AndrewT 0303 303 0145

As Andrew says - if you are going to the US declare anything however unrelated it may seem to be. UK insurance companies will try to wriggle out of paying up for the daftest sounding reasons. There are companies that specialise in this sort of insurance and know what is risky and what isn't - others just don't want the bother. Shop around and check.

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Thank you for all your responses. Will start phoning around on Monday. Will let you know.


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I went to New York in December , I was insured by Insure for All . I got world wide cover for 12 months very reasonable . I have WG. Hope that helps .

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