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I have just got the results of my bone scan and this shows I have thin bones (osteopenia) T scores in spine -1.3 and right neck of femur -2. I have been told to continue with the risodronate for up to 10 years, I have been on it for over 6 years now. Does anyone know if there is anything else that can help prevent anymore bone loss? I have also been told that I will be scanned again in 2 years.

All I can think at the moment is it's a good job I have been taking the risedronate as what state would my bones be in if I had not

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You might like to look at this website, Tracy: strontiumforbones.blogspot.... Or you can Google Strontium Citrate and see what you can find. It may all be a load of hype aimed at selling something that doesn't work but perhaps worth considering?

Strontium was suggested as an alternative to alendronic acid (Risedronate) by the vasculitis specialists at the Chicago Symposium in April this year. There appear to be concerns about strontium ranelate (available as Protelos from your GP) in terms of a possible allergic reaction that could be fatal, but, so far, haven't seen anything but praise for strontium citrate. This you can purchase as an over the counter supplement and it is supposed to not only stop the body destroying bone but actually build bone. I have seen the Doctor's Best Bone Maker brand recommended.

Sounds good to me but I haven't tried it yet myself. Might be worth mentioning it to your GP or pharmacist?


P.s. Recent scientific research has recommended that patients are not on alendronic acid for more than 5 years as there is concern about particular fractures of the head of the femur made more likely by this drug.


Thank for that I will have a look. I did ask my endocrinologist at my last visit about the lenght of time I have been on Risodronate and he said that they wouldn't even contemplate taking me off the drug until 10 years had passed then they would re-assess he has put this in the letter he sent me this week with my scan results. I also know that he is a research fellow for osteoporosis. I can only be guided by them.


John was taking Risodronate for almost 10 years and had two scans in that 10 years.. he stopped taking the Risondrate when he reduced to 2.5mg of prednisolone..and now he has been prednisolone free for 12 months....hope this helps..

Just a word of caution according to the BNF.... Strontium Ranelate does stimulate bone formation and reduces bone resorption BUT The Scottish Medicines Consortium has advised that Stontium Ranelate should be restricted to use when bisphosphonates are contra indicated or not tolerated and then only in women over the age of 75 years with a previous fracture and low bone density or in other women at equivalant risk. There is also a warning in the BNF about severe allergic reactions including a drug rash/fever/swollen glands...if there any of these symptoms they should stop taking it immediately ... this rash is known as DRESS Drug Rash with Eosinophillia and Systemic Symtoms and can be fatal.... as Pam has already mentioned.

A lady we knew had Osteophorosis and she changed from being 5ft 7ins to 4ft 6ins because her vertebrae collapsed, trapping all the spinal nerves in the process, which left her crippled and in constant pain with no possibility of a cure.



Thank you for the info I was measured when I went for the scan and I have already lost nearly half an inch in height and I couldnt understand why, now I know. I'm not sure if it can all be put down to the pred as I do have a pituitary cyst that could be causing some of the loss


Hi there i have also been diagnosed with Ostiopenia, i take 1AledronicAcid 70mg once a week and 2Adcal 750/200 tablets everyday and was told that is all i need hope that is helpful.



Hi I had DEXA scan in 2005, not long after being diagnosed and was on big doses of pred and was told I had osteoporosis. I was put on Risedronate. I had follow up scan in 2009 after I was off pred. I had osteopaenia but told to stay on Alendronic Acid ( cheaper version of Risedronate) due to similar findings in spine and femur. In 2011 when I went to Addenbrookes, they said I should be on Calchichew tablets every day as well and was prescibed this. I am due to have another DEXA scan next week.


I was treid on calcichew last year but there is something ion the tablet that I am allergic to so I am not able to take any calcium supplements at the moment, I have had my vit D checked and at the moment it is ok. Good luck with the scan.


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