vasculitus ????


i am a newbie to this site , a bit about me back in march 2012 after moving home i got what looked like a pea size lump on right pinky finger which spread to my right middle finger , went to see my gp who gave me benovate cream and ordrerd blood tests , when i went back for results week later my hand was going blue/purple and was worse all blood test came back negative , went to see a dermotologist who did a chest x ray and a biopsy of one of the lumps x ray was clear but biopsy showed lymphocyte-rich dermatosis with perivascular distribution suggesting a lymphocytic vasculitis, my dermotoligist said it was a typical mild mctd i was then refrered to a rhemutologist who said he wasnt convinced it was ?? and said he thought my lumps were caused by inflammation ??? he did loads of blood test a echo heart test and a pulmbalory lung test on which i am awaiting results .my symptoms now are cold intolerance (just a drop in temperature makes a differance ) gooose bumps ,teeth chattering,cold hands still turning blue and cold feet , other symptoms are shortness of breath on extersion,pain radiating allover body eg knees one day, ankles next,calfs but if i walk its really bad , sometimes stabbing pains in feet at night time waking me up or keeping me awake , muscle pain ( if i hang out the washing my arms ache like ive been to gym) ,hair loss when washing or brushing , keep going warm and then cold like a mild temp, tiredness,

so my question is does this sound like vasculitus and if so what type do i have ?


naproxen 500g twice daily

amatriplityne 10mg at night

cream has been sopped not doing anything

was aslo on nifedine for two weeks but thats not doin anything either .


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  • Hi, er, Messy,

    Welcome to the VasculitisUKHealthUnlocked site. We'll help if we can.

    Thanks for giving so much detail of your symptoms, it's very helpful. Is there anything else at all, even if it may seem irrelevant or unconnected?

    If you do have vasculitis, (which sounds distinctly possible, but there other possibilities) your current medication will do nothing to help.

    Can you send a private message telling me where you live & which hospital you attend. When are you due back to see the rheumatologist for the results of all the tests?

    Very best wishes

    John & Susan

  • Dear Messy,

    I don't know if you do have vasculitis, a definite possiblity though. However, as John says, your current medication probably won't help, if you do!! Go back and insist on more tests, at the very least, it should give you some answers.

    Good luck anyway, let me (us) know, will you ?

    Best wishes


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