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Podcast Numero 2!!

Hello everyone,

Firstly, apologies for my absence, I've been in and out of hospital recently following some issues with my eye.

I have managed to now do podcast 2 and here it is:

Again, any feedback is massively appreciated!!

I took all the comments on board last time and feel this podcast is much better quality, let me know your thoughts. xxxxx

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Sorry I cannot open the podcaste. Hope you ate feeling better.


Hope you are feeling ok now Aimee and your eye has improved... We could open the podcast but could not hear it all...

Take care Susan and John x


Hi Aimee - It is good to hear the results of your efforts (and my input!). There seems to be some discontinuity and interuptions at various points through the transmission but otherwise the sound quality is generally better - I can sense the difficulty in getting the sound balance equalised between phone interview and your own input.

I hope you are better now. Peter


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