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Antibiotics and cyclophosphomide ?

I have had a cyst on my chest for around 2 years. over the last week or so it has got inflamed , larger and very sore. I've been to my doctors who has said it is infected and it isnt unusual for this to happen and not to worry. She gave me antibiotics (1 to be taken 4 times a day) I have been taking them for only 2 days but it seems to be getting worse not better. I have also just started another round of Cyclo/Pred infusions last week which are administered every 2 weeks.

My question is "do antibiotics work while taking Cyclo" because the cyclo is to dampen your immune system whereas antibiotics ( I think) are to boost your immune system.

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Hi, I think it is essential that you talk to your consultant or specialist nurse as soon as possible. When I was having cyclophosphamide they would never give it to me if there was any chance that I had an infection, as the immune system is lowered which could allow the infection to spread. I am surprised that your GP did not pick up on this. The antibiotics are used to fight the infection, it might be that you need stronger ones over a couple of weeks before they continue with the cyclo. Hope you get sorted before your next infusion, but speak to someone soon. Hope this helps.

Best wishes - Lisa


Hi lisa,

thanks for your reply. Ive been up most of the night with it. My chest now hurts from armpit to armpit. I'm gonna ring up hospital now.

I'll let you know.. . . .


Hi again

been to A&E this afternoon. Eventually (quite quickly aswel) got sent to breast clinic. Ive got an abcess over a cyst that has to be operated on tomorrow morning. Ive still got to take the antibiotics and she is gonna write to my neurologist about the chemo. He will decide whether i can continue with the cyclo or not for now. She doesnt recomend it as it lowers the immune system ( we know that bit) and will stop the healing process of the abcess.


So glad that you were seen quickly, shame you have to go through surgery but better to be safe. Hope today goes well. Take care - Lisa


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