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swellings on my arm with burning feeling, pain and numbness

I am having problems mostly with my left arm from my neck to my fingers. It started with weird sort of semi hard swellings firstly on the top of my wrist about 2" big then on my forearm then on my upper arm. My upper arm is quite noticably swollen all over. My hands go numb through the night sometimes but dont tingle when they come back to life. Lol

The swellings arent noticeable until they are pointed out, they arent red or anything but they do hurt most of the time and most of my arm is tender to touch. All the joints ache aswell. Oh! My whole arm swelled up aswell at one stage which is when i went to my GP. To cut a long story short my consultant is now looking after me again.

he is reffering me to a rheumatologist as he is unsure if the vasculitis is affecting the blood vessels in my arm. (or summat like that) . He is also keeping a close eye on me. My recent head MRI has not changed since last september so thats a good sign and my bloods dont show signs of inflamation. (whatever that means, i assume in the rest of my body aswell)

i am happy so far with my consultants progress.

My question is: has anyone else had or got anything like this and could it be related to my cerebral vasculitis or is it more likely to be something else Eg: arthritis or something thats non related.

Ps. . I think its also starting in my other arm and lower legs.

Cor. That was a marathon, i hope u didnt get bored.

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How are things today? Susan


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