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Cold Sores and Rituximab


Hi Everyone

Great news about the very positive effect the vaccines are having on Covid cases - onwards and upwards. Does anyone have any ideas why I have had 4 cold sores in 4 or 5 weeks? They started before my Covid vaccine so it isn't that. I had my last round of Rituximab in November 2020 after a my first doze a year earlier [the one in the middle was cancelled due to Covid]. I do get cold sores but the odd one perhaps every 6 months or less.


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You may need aciclovir tablets. Rituximab can re activate the herpes virus

Red-head44 in reply to Clay6852

Thanks. I will look into this.

Hi, I have been on rituximab at various intervals (2 weekly, 2 monthly, 4 monthly, 6 monthly etc) for over 5 years and never had a cold sore.

As it is lowers your immune system however it can reactivate viruses that may be laying inert in your system as Clay6852 suggests.

This happened to me a couple of years after starting on rituximab when out of the blue I came down with shingles. As I had not been in contact with anyone that had either chickenpox or shingles I was puzzled how I had contracted it until the vasculitis doctor at Addenbrookes told me it was a result of my immune system dropping and the chickenpox virus which had lain in my system since childhood had reactivated.

I think given the choice, I would rather have had cold sores!

All the best to you.

Thank you -this makes sense. I've had shingles too at the start!

Hi, no issues with cold sores sorry and I’m half way through a 3yr plan of Rituximab . Can get a bit rashy but nothing else skin wise. I have more joint issues - pain in knees and hips. I’ve never had chicken pox so have been told to stay away from anyone with it. Still feel very new to all this, a year and 4 months after diagnosis.

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