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Wegener's Granulomatosis: Living With The Disease

Hello everyone,

I am a young female, 23 to be precise, who has been living with WG since 2009. Before I was diagnosed I was studying for a degree, I was diagnosed in October 2009 and was hospitalised as a result. I missed so much time ar university I had to take a break for one year. I am now approaching my graduation and have to produce a final year project. I am planning on creating a series of educational podcasts highlighting illnesses like this one. It is one that has a series lack of funding and public knowledge of the illness is minimal. (Did you know what it was before you got it?)

If anyone is willing, I want to know, in your own words, what it's is like living with this illness, your experiences, highs and lows. This will give me a wider range of experiences other than my own.

Please note - you will not be indentified in this work but it will help shape my project!!

If you want to email me rather than posting on here, that is fine!

My uni email is:



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Hello there. I was diagnosed in 2003 when I was working as nurse researcher, married with two young kids, working part-time and also studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education in Learning & Teaching. So I am would be very interested to hear about your proposed educational podcasts and with therefore make direct contact with you directly via email - if that's Ok with yourself.

Wishing you all the best in life and & your studies.


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