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Vasculitis U.K. Spring Newsletter 2019


Our copy arrived this morning , has anyone else on the VUK mailing list received their copy? We have had a few problems with the mailing list this time.

Thank you


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Mine arrived this morning too John. I was at my rheumy appointment, Just about to settle down with it, thank you.

The copy arrived this morning. Good reading it. Is it possible to send some more copies to me to hand into my GP's surgery as they teach new doctors there from UCS and the Royal Free hospitals and it is good to raise awareness of Vasculitis and, of course, VUK.

Got mine Susan! Thank you! X

I haven't received one but am not quite sure if I am on the mailing list! I think I opted to have an online copy some years ago but can't remember - and, anyway, I don't even know how to access s an online copy even if I have one. I know - hopeless! Please can you let me know how I can get hold of one? Thanks John.


Mine arrived this morning too, in northern Scotland. Thanks!

Hi John, how do I get on the mailing list?

Thank you

I would like a copy but I am on the US. Is it possible?


The online version of the VUK newsletter will be available on line via the VUK website by the end of the week..... just follow this link

Received mine today thank you - Hampshire -

I am not on the list for this newsletter. I would like to be. What should I do?

Mine arrived yesterday afternoon, not had time to read it yet, too many workmen in our home. Lindax

Mine arrived yesterday.

Hello. My copy arrived yesterday, thanks.

Hello John.....I’m not sure if I am on the mailing list but is there any way I can get hold of one please ?


John_MillsAdministrator in reply to JGK99

Send me an email

Yes, mine arrived yesterday morning and , as usual, is very interesting and informative.

Received mine yesterday also

Hello. Yes, got my copy yesterday, 29 April. Thank you.

got my copy too,thanks.

I don’t think I’m on the mailing list but would like to be able to access one x

I have received my copy today thanks, it has been redirected from our old address. I will let Susan have my new address.

Yes John I've received mine thank you

I haven't had one at all. Hmm. Thanks. Annie Caird

Have waited a few days but no sign of newsletter.


Received mine Wednesday ,and found it very interesting . Thankyou.

How do I get a copy of your newsletter?

John_MillsAdministrator in reply to Katiz

It is online now

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