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Happy Christmas, Hope you All Remain Well


Dear Everybody, yes even You...….

This is an, admittedly Slightly Early, HAPPY CHRISTMAS. I Hope that, you all, are 'Well' and remain so, over the Festive Period. I trust that your 'Problems' don't cause you, too much, 'Trouble'- I think you know what I mean there. (Currently I've got Gowt- is that right- in my right Big Toe. At least my Bowels ARE working, for a Change!)

I'm going away, with a Group, tomorrow to a 'Turkey & Tinsel' Week. Basically you arrive, on 'Christmas Eve', then have 'Christmas Day, Boxing Day' and finish, on the Thursday with 'New Years Eve'- complete with Chimes, Bells and Ald Lang Syn, all by about ten thirty! Presents can be purchased, in the shop, and delivered by Santa himself, during Christmas Dinner. All VERY Festive- which is why I'm Wishing everyone Merry Christmas now. I have also put up, my Rope Lights and they look Lovely all around my pictures.

So, once again, Happy Birt….No wait....enjoy the sum.....hold on....Easte…...wait, I 'got' this.....MERRY CHRISTMAS, to one and all!

Have a Great Time everyone!


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Hope you have a great and healthy holiday.Merry Christmas.

Enjoy your festive holiday sounds great.

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