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Finally have the last 2 blood test results.

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Well guess what? The last set of tests now show anca neg. Some of the full blood count seems to be returning slowly back to within normal range's although the MCH is still over the range its coming down. The complement c3 & c4 are within range, thank goodness. Just waiting for the Cryoproteins test result to come in.

Had to laugh as yet another appointment has been sent to me with a dermatologist, that's 2 exactly 1 week apart with different Dr's at different hospitals. The new appointment is with a Dr A Ilchyshyn or a member of his team in Coventry, has anyone heard of him?

I'm putting the constant itching down the fact I've developed an allergic reaction to all these blood tests and doctor's.

I at least I've found my sense of humour it was in the hospital car park, must have been when I had to pay for the pleasure of having to drive there to be examined, the glands in my throat prodded which set one of the glands to object and having needles stuck into me.

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