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I had fluid on my knee, had it drained. it came back a couple days later, went back to the same place had it drained again, then I went to their main office a few days later for a follow up, and it just happenend to be that same day my test results came back positive for M.R.S.A. . Did I get this from the walk in clinic I went too? And should I sue, or what?

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Torrey, I imagine you are upset and angry about this. First thing is to go to emergency department and start treatment; the bacteria is called staph aureus which is a strain of staph that has become resistant to the usual antibiotics. One antibiotic used to treat MRSA is Vancomycin.

Some people need it IV. Early treatment is imperative. Many people completely recover. But do find a doctor to treat this asap. That you went to clinic with a red and swollen knee in the first place could mean that MRSA was already there. I hope you follow advice from medical people who specialize in infectious disease, but a well trained, knowledgeable GP can help as well.

Best of luck...

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