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Elevated Eosinophils

Hi all, I wanted to join this group and ask a question about elevated eosinophils. I have hypothyroid and PBC ( autoimmune liver disease), but both are well monitored and so far good. However for many years I’ve had elevated eosinophils. From 7 to 15 range, where the normal range is (0-5). My doctor doesn’t worry about it and he always says it’s allergies. I do have bad allergies with sinus issues all the time. I came across this site and wanted to get some insight.

Thank you for reading my post.

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And to add, My ANA antibodies are negative, and all the IgA, IgM, IgG, sedimention rate and other tests are in normal range.


Hi Liverette,

The most important thing is how do you feel in yourself?

If you feel well and have no symptoms apart from allergies then I wouldn't worry too much. If however you have late onset asthma, sinus issues, feel unwell and need repeated courses of prednisolone then that's rather different!

There is a rare type of Vasculitis called EGPA that is associated with elevated eosinophils but elevated eosinophils in the absence of other symptoms isn't enough to make the diagnosis.

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Hi, sounds like I am like you. Associated sinus problems, mild asthma all my life and only in last6 mths have known about raised eosophils (medical history shows Underactive thyroid, B12 deficiency which are both auto immune related and autoimmune liver, IgG4. Feel absolutely fine until they put me on steroids to reduce eosophils. Wish I had never found out sometimes but now they want to reduce steroids and put me on azaprionine or something like that which has side effects as a management programme. Can I go back to when I didn’t know and felt absolutely fine 🤔


Have you discussed this with your Consultant? Have they made a diagnosis?

It reads like you don't feel you were involved in the decision to treat and don't understand the rationale behind it.


Thank you all for your replies.


Seeing 2 specialists (in February again so will know more then. My haematologist wants me to have more tests including a Dexa scan so will see how they go. She is thinking I may need a bone marrow biopsy as well.


Hi Madamec1, my mom has autoimmune liver disease and she has been on Azathioprine (Imuran) for 5 years with no side effect. Her dosage is quite low, 50mg. She was tapered down from Prednisone to only 1mg, which is nothing.


That is good to know. Thank you


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