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Can anyone recommend a private consultant to speed up diagnosis?

Sorry if this has been covered in other posts but I'm new here and struggling a bit to navigate the page! Just wondered if anyone knew of any private consultants in Scotland who would have the knowledge and skills to speed up/ pinpoint diagnosis? I have finally received a referral to see someone through the NHS but it is 3 months away and feel like I just can't wait any longer.

Many thanks

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I am part of the helpline team and am based in Scotland.

The best idea would be to phone or e mail myself on the helpline, it's difficult to advise without more information such as your location and symptoms.

My e mail address is lynn@vasculitis.org.uk and the phone number is 0300 365 0075

Best wishes



I see a Mr A Grant at Spire in Leicester and a Dr Garg at Spire. They are both amazing. Dr Garg, specialist Haematologist arranged all the initial tests followed by appts with other consultants to find the correct diagnosis. Mr Grant is the one who deals in area of my body affected. I also see a Prof Wardlow in respect of lungs, allergies etc. All because of raised Eosophils

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After several visits to my GP and out of hours surgeries I presented myself at QEUH A&E. I was so ill that I was admitted immediately and diagnosed with CSS after being seen by several different consultants a number of days later.


Dear eh682,

My 'Normal' reply, to this type of question, may not help too much but, here goes anyway. Dr David Jane, who is the National- if not International- expert, on all 'things' Vasculitis/Auto-Immune, is based at Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge. My normal advice is to try to get an appointment, clearly difficult in your case.

However John, or Susan, might be able to help you. You can contact Susan as 'Suzy2U' (I think that's right) via this 'Forum'. Alternatively contact them through Vasculitis UK.

Sorry that I can't be more help. Happy New Year anyway.


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