Private Consultant asked GP to refer for NHS clinic

Hi, I have seen a private consultant in my area and received a diagnosis of vasculitis. He also runs the a rheumatology clinic under the NHS, and wrote to my surgery to ask them to refer me to him under the NHS. Today I received a letter from the local PCT saying that my GP agreed I could see the first available consultant/one with shortest waiting list. Is there any point in me contacting the consultant or waiting list manager to ask that it be the one I saw originally. It seems silly that he asked for me to be referred to him and then they have said anyone will do.

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  • Maybe you just need to make sure your GP is referring you go to the same clinic where this consultant is practising, then when you get an appointment you could contact them.

  • Sounds like you have received the standard NHS reply. If he runs the clinic,hopefully you will see him.

  • You can ask the GP to name the consultant on his referral letter - whether it will work is another question.

  • The NHS commissioning system was previously made up of primary care trusts and specialised commissioning groups. Most of the NHS commissioning budget is now managed by 209 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). These are groups of general practices which come together in each area to commission the best services for their patients and population.

    It all depends on whether the Consultant works in a clinic that your CCGs has commissioned.

    Ask the direct question of your GP.

  • Thanks. I will ask GP and talk to consultant too.

  • Hi lollypocket. I am going through exactly the same process. Am seeing another consultant on 18th September. Tried and failed everything to get to see named Consultant. What I have decided to do is turn up for my apt and if the private consultant is running his NHS clinic on the same day (as quite often happens, like buses either none or two come at once!) I am going to wait until he sees me. Can but try. Take care on this new journey of ours. Babs x

  • Dear lollypocket,

    If you were 'happy', with the first Consultant, then yes do ask to see him/her again. ( I agree that you probably received a Standard Letter, by the way). However if you felt the Doctor/Consultant wasn't Good/could be better then maybe.......?

    Whatever you decide, do it with all our 'love', and support.

    Kind wishes AndrewT

  • I would contact the waiting list manager and inform him/her that you have already seen a Consultant and he has asked for you to be referred to him.

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