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Problems in my right leg

Hi have GPA sistemic ,giant cells. I am hoping that some one can help me with my new challenge. This morning my leg felt funny heavy , felt very strange .During the day it also felt like I had a cramp muscle Then leg started to have mini shakes in the foot area. It continue to feel not right . Any advice would be grateful.

Kind Regards one and all Lorraine

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How is your leg now? Have you had this problem checked by your doctors? I suggest you do to be on the safe side.


Yes , seen the consultant . Had 3 high dose steroids infusions. Tremors in the leg more or less gone . In control of leg, I doing weights . Exserzices ect, and have been doing this from day one. Also I have now been accepted for the new drug, which is good news , I am hopping it will control my flare up better.


Thanks for getting back to me Kind regards lorraine


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