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Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with vasculitis and was awaiting having scans. I called my consultant on Friday as over the last 7-10 days my symptoms had gotten worse, severe ear pain, loss of hearing, sinus pain (like I had been punched in the face) and a severe pain that started in my shoulder and settled in the middle of my shoulder blade, a stabbing feeling. Up until this point I had been receiving mo treatment as I had a kidney biopsy that was clear and awaiting further scans.

I was admitted to the hospital Friday for scans, X-rays and further blood tests. But the consultant has said I also have low vitamin B12 and has started me on injections every other day and prednisolone whilst awaiting scan results.

I'm curious to know has anyone else had low vitamin B12 as well?

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  • Hi,

    Low B12 which is called pernicious anaemia ( PA ) is an auto immune disease as well. Many of us on here have PA, myself included and receive regular injections.

    I would ask if they have checked your Vit D as well as that tends to be low in auto immune disease/ Vasculitis.

  • I had low Vitamin D right before my hospitalization for vasculitis and while I was in the hospital they put me on a vitamin B complex( which I am still on) and supposedly is also good for the neuropathy in my feet.

  • Hi Tunabird,

    Pernicious anaemia can cause peripheral neuropathy as well. If your B12 is low then you need injections as your stomach doesn't produce intrinsic factor which is necessary to absorb it.

  • Thank you

  • This is interesting- during the year prior to diagnosis when they were trying to figure out what was wrong, the blood work showed I was super-low on Vit D and had to take 3months of very high dose to get back to normal ranges. I still take Calcium+D supplements, especially to offset the Prednisone. I had not heard anything about the B-12 or B-complex- perhaps I should investigate if supplements would help my neuropathy.

    HFox, I hope the meds straighten you out quickly! My chest pain symptoms in the beginning were not unlike your stabbing shoulder blade pain, had to go to the ED and they decided it was pneumonia. However, it was only one symptom in a long list of symptoms on the way to diagnosis of EGPA. Best of luck-

  • Supplements don't help pernicious anaemia ( B12 deficiency ). It needs to be injections. If you have peripheral neuropathy I would ask if they have ever checked your B12 level.

  • Thanks all for the replies. If been back into hospital last night I'm sure it's just getting used to prednisolone, sweating profusely (not just at night) nausea, extreme headache, blurred vision and feeling like I'm going to pass out!

    I've had more vitamin B12, the doc said it will be every other day for 11 days and then once per month ongoing.

  • Hi.

    Have you also had levels of Folate and Ferritin tested. May be worthwhile asking.

    You could also Google NHS choices - deficiencies symptoms of B12 and Folate.


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