Going crazy

Hello. I'm hearing impaired. I am totally dear in my left ear and have a cochlear implant but has failed to ever work as the nerves between my brain and my ear are dead. My right ear has only 15% hearing and I have a state of the art (so they say) hearing aid that helps a little bit. I've always had ringing in my ears but the last week I have what sounds like truck noises or sometimes train noises. My health history in very complex. When I was 13 I had a brain tumor and spent 3mths in hospital. The tumor was behind my optic nerves and had nothing to do with my hearing loss. I had perfect hearing until 21yrs old. A dentist did this to me. Sounds weird but true. Should I be worried about the new noises in my head?

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  • Sorry to hear about your hearing problems. I have had increased tinnitus after being on prednisolone for 2 weeks for PMR, have now been on it for 7 months, my hearing is apparently stable as I have had 3 hearing tests during that time but it does feel worse than before the onset of PMR. I would speak to the doctor about your new symptoms

  • Thankyou... The specialist has been booked

  • I've been deaf in my left ear for as long as I can remember. I can't even remember why but I'm pretty sure that it's nerve damage. I was fitted with a bone anchored hearing aid a couple of years ago now. I could only have it because I can still hear in my right ear. Speak to your consultant - new noises need to be checked out. Good luck!!

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