trying to find specialist for cerebral vascilitis

my wife has been diagnosed with primary cerebral vascilitis in dublin . she has already suffered 7 strokes before finally a definate diagnosis was made . we are looking for consultant in either UK or ireland who sub specialises in cerevbral vasculitis or has alot of experience with this condition .or does anyone recommend anyone else ,e.g. vascilitis specialist .

thank you

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  • Dr Desmond Kidd is a Neurologist in London who has a special interest in Cerebral Vasculitis , I think there is also a doctor in Dublin , will try and find out his name... you can always contact Julie Power at Vasculitis Ireland Awareness she maybe able to help.

  • Hi,

    I was going to recommend Dr Desmond Kidd in London as well.

    Dr Eamonn Molloy at St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin has experience of Central Nervous System Vasculitis as well. He had a sabbatical term at a large Vasculitis clinic in the USA and came across quite a few cases there.

  • Found the doctors name, Dr Eamon Malloy I saw him speak at the vasculitis Ireland Awareness Annual Conference last year .. his contact details are on this link

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  • My wife was diagnosed with primary cerebral angiitis in Dublin 5 years ago but consultant is now retired , presently looking for a new Dublin neurologist . Did you find one ???

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