Did Tara Palmer-Tomkinson have Vasculitis?

I have seen in the press there were reports of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson having an autoimmune disease which sounds very much like vasculitis (see report below from Metro). Has anyone seen anything further that confirm this? If she did have the disease it might be an opportunity to raise the profile of vasculitis.

The condition was said to be rare and related to her anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA-related), meaning her immune system was attacking itself. She was left suffering tiredness, joint pain and anaemia.

Read more: metro.co.uk/2017/02/09/tara...


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  • There is already a thread on the LupusUK forum:


    I read the Sun report (in the interests of research, nothing else):

    "The Sun (rather dramatically) says:

    "The condition, which involved anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCAs), causes the immune system to attack the body rather than protect it.

    Left untreated the condition can “eat away” at the lungs, kidneys, and other parts of the body."

    and goes on to discuss vasculitis. At the bottom they refer people to VasculitisUK.

    The DM (that well known medical journal) says she was having trouble with her nose, had required surgery and that was troubling her.

    So at a guess it was Wegeners or Churg-Strauss syndrome (sorry, get confused by the new names: GPA or EGPA, is that right?)"

    Whilst I appreciate the concept - is it not a bit late and could be construed as insensitive?

  • Yes, we know about it sadly, and were contacted by a free lance reporter yesterday, but sadly the Sun chose to run with a "sensational" story instead and use a source of information about WG which is inaccurate. 😔 😔

    Apparently as far as we understand Tara was diagnosed with ANCA associated vasculitis back in November and suffered with a benign tumour on the pituitary.

    ANCA Vasculitis can affect the pituitary but is very rare , we do know of one or two other cases.

    Apparently Tara died peacefully in her sleep and we will have to wait until the cause of death is known before anyone really knows any details.

    The news coverage for Tara has been appalling and the press seem to want to concentrate on the "personal" life of TPT instead of her illness. We also have to remember that Tara probably suffered with other health issues due to her life style.

    So we will wait and see how things develop...

    I just find it all very sad ...


  • My partner had ANCA related vasculitis. He had a history with cocaine use which he said calmed him. He was hyper active and had a highly stressful job long hours and enormous responsibility.

    I understand that there is evidence that the agent often used in cutting cocaine, something called Levamasole,an anti parasite substance, could be involved in bring on the disease. I was not convinced and said so to the hospital, as judging by the heavy usage of the drug there would be more cases. However that being said, if there is cocaine in the blood ANCA levels increase.

  • There is plenty of evidence to show the association between cocaine use and ANCA vasculitis and there is further evidence to suggest that Levamasole is the principal cause. You talk about your partner in the past tense, is no longer alive? Sorry to ask...

  • It appears to me to be likely that she died of Vasculitis. Different drugs, and chemicals can cause vasculitis. I am a targeted individual, who has been repeatedly burglarized and vandalized during the times when I've been asleep as well as while I've been gone. I believe they have used scopolamine and another chemical, drug or biological agent on me to induce unconsciousness and amnesia in the ongoing burglaries. I think it is possible that one of the substances used on me caused my vasculitis.... It is known that most of the cocaine is cut with another drug (levamisole) and I believe they are using this to cut other drugs in their criminal operations (some of the people involved in my government sponsored burglaries are involved in drug trafficking as well as burglaries)..... Here is a link about Cocaine and ANCA: scribd.com/document/1507681...

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