Tara Palmer Tomkinson article in Daily Mail

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

I have just read about Tara and her benign pituitary tumour and it also mentions that she is suffering from a rare auto immune condition, related to her anti neutrophil cytoplasmic antibiodies. ( Vasculitis) Shame it hasn't received more publicity instead of being casually mentioned in the article. The more people aware of this horrible disease and that it can affect anyone would have been educational to the public.

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  • We have been following this and doing some research, when we heard the article was going to be released. It has been very interesting doing the research on this. There is no indication in the article at all she is receiving any treatment for the ANCA associated autoimmune disease but there is a lot of discussion about treatment for the pituitary tumour. I also looked up her past and found this.. " . In 2006, Palmer-Tomkinson received extensive publicity after her septum nasi collapsed due to her former £400-a-day addiction to cocaine. Pictures were printed in several British tabloids. She underwent cosmetic surgery to have it rebuilt, at a cost of £6,000. So I am not sure I want to follow it up any more as we certainly don't want the "public" to think vasculitis is associated with cocaine use, although we do know of a handful of cases where this has thought to have happened. (Drug induced vasculitis) But would welcome any thoughts on the subject.

    I even bought a Daily Mail this morning , I have never bought a Daily Mail in my life before.

  • Im not sure if we should judge too quickly. We all have aspects of our life style that may have contributed to health problems. I wish her all best and that her treatment is successful.

  • I have read so much about her this last 48 hours and as she says herself, she chose her life style and she has regrets. I am certainly not judging at all, but the "public" in general can be so very cruel, sadly.

  • Know how you feel Suzy! I only ever read newspapers online (as we live in Italy) but my choice has fallen drastically since Brexit! I refuse to click on the DM now - I always read it because it was useful to know what others read! Especially their medical articles...

  • I agree , however the media also exaggerate and twist alot of stories to suit their own agenda. It is hard to know what to believe at times .

  • How sad that Tara has oassed away,I wonder if the Vasculitis had anything to do with her death...I have this condition (Wergeners Granulamatosis)

  • I was wondering the same thing as it's really unusual to die from a benign pituitary tumor.

    I too have WG


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