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Channel4 Vasculitis & leg ulcers

Just watched food unwrapped on Channel4 it is series 10 episode 1. There was a lady who has Vasculitis, they didn't say which one. She had extremely bad leg ulcers. They were so bad she could not walk. She attended a London hospital where the plastic surgeon treated them with cod fish skin. (Sterile of course) One leg is completely healed the other not far from being healed. You can watch it on catch up it is near the end of the programme. Thought it might be of interest to the group.

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We saw this, sadly it was only on for about one minute but it was interesting. Apparently it has also been used to treat burns


If it was such a short article on TV - you might be interested in these articles:

Puts a whole new perspective on Iceland and the cod wars...


Thanks for the further information, who would of thought cod skin could aid such a nasty condition.


I had to look it up - I don't live in the UK so no catch-up TV.


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