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Cutaneous Vasculitis (legs)


Hey! I was diagnosed with vasculitis leukocytoclastic in the beginning of november. I'm doing prednisolona since that time and I cant do other medication because I have Crohn disease (right now Im not doing any medication for crohn disease). I cant stand or walk for a long time because new marks appear (and can get worse, I had ulcers and still have some :( ). When I took antibiotic my vasculitis improved alot (the number of marks that appear decreased alot). Do I need more antibiotics? Does compression socks helps me? Can acupuncture help too? I want to go back to my life, to walk, to exercise, etc..

Sorry for my english, I did went to a dermatologist but cant find a good one..

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What symptoms do you have? Is it in a certain area of your body?

Carina03 in reply to lou1972

I have marks on my legs (including buttcheeks) I dont have joint pain or anything

I wouldnt wear compression socks unless told to do so by your doctor.

I was in the same situation as you in 2018, taking antibiotics then steroid treatment and azathioprine.

I had to take antibiotics for 10 days, I'm still taking steroids (went from 50mg down to 3mg in 2 years) and azathioprine from 50mg to 175mg. It can be a hard process, particularly to begin with when you cant walk or do anything.

Carina03 in reply to DoubleD20

How can I do my life without this getting worse?

I’ve also have this for three years I was given colchicine by my dermatologist worked wonders rash cleared less tierd less joint pain .

I have had Cutaneous Vasculitis since 2015 and Inhave had some bad episodes and currently have now. I have been prescribed Fexofenadene and does nothing to suppress the problem I think my body is use to my taking it now. I have had Prednisolone, Amitriptyline and Gabapentin. But nothing is helping. I have sores on my legs and much worse at night. I am losing sleep and feel very depressed. I had been in remission for 10 months and thought I had won but seems not.

Hi Carina. Compressionsstockins defenently helps! You Need the long version. In Switzerland the „Krankenkasse“ pays one pair/year. Wear them every day!! Buy a good quality (at a good pharmacy). Why do you want antibiotics? Have you checked if you are allergic to some antibiotics? They can be the reason for cutane vaskulitis! And: dont shave and dont do epilation in your legs!! If your dermatologist is not good, try the dermatologie at an universitiy hospital. Change your dermatologist! Where do you life?

Whats your language? And sorry for My english to😀

Carina03 in reply to Pokimoki

I live in Portugal. And I dont epilate/shave since the end of october (so yeh my legs are very hairy haha). I was just asking if I need more antibiotics because my vasculitis get better after doing antibiotics.

I think its strange antibiotics for vasculitis! Also be carefull wird them because oder your stomach-Problems! The distroy all the Good bacterias too! Think about probiotics and may a Special diet is helpfull. I do it right now. And its good. In you interested. I can send you links.... do you hhave any foodallergies? What about gluteen? Lactose?

Carina03 in reply to Pokimoki

I dont have food allergies. I have crohn disease which I need to be careful with my diet. I do need probiotics. Can you send me the links?

jackrussell in reply to Pokimoki

I have Vasculitis,and always have Antibiotics when having a flare, certainly help in my case, was advised to have these by 3 different hospitals. ( just saying for interest only ).

Pokimoki in reply to jackrussell

Ok! Thank you!

OMNi-BiOTiC® 10 (40x5g )

The orher Infos i send you tomorrow!

Its all about cleaning your Body from sick Cells. May you can do it. die at least 4 weeks.

Wow! You have a lot going on. I have GPA and get ulcers too. I was diagnosed January 2017- got close to remission with Imuran, methotrexate & prednisone. I relapsed in April 2019 and am still dealing with healing ulcers. I tried Rituxan but it didn’t work. Tried cyclophosphamide but was too harsh for my body. Now I am on Cellcept, methotrexate & 75 mg of prednisone. I hope it works so I can taper down on prednisone! As for antibiotics I am on ceferime axytel but the only ones that seem to work are vancomycin & Levoquin. I hope you get to a better place!

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