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Joint Pain - Wenger's

I was wondering whether they is anyone out there with WG vasculitis that has recently suffered severe joint pain - For the last 2 days the nagging pain has been constant in my knee, continually throbbing warm to the touch and making walking & getting up very painful.

Furthermore I have noticed a number of small red dots around the ankles with the pain travelling through both legs & knees.

I am currently on a number of immunosuppressive tablets having contracted Wenger's 3 years ago.

Any suggestions would be helpful - With thanks

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I suggest you talk to your consultant or specialist nurse, tomorrow and tell them this. What immunosuppressant's are you taking? and where are you seen?

My husband has WG, diagnosed 15 years ago and it can be a rollercoaster of a ride, but from your description I think it is important to talk to your consultant asap. Any new or reoccurring symptoms should always be discussed with your doctor who treats you for the WG Vasculitis



Thanks for your reply - I'm been on Aziathiaprine & Prednisolone for 3 years now & thankfully my WG has been in remission.

I'm pleased also that the pains have subsided considerably this morning & I'm able to get around pain free although plan to continue with some painkillers & mention to me Consultant if symptoms persist


Yes I agree you must speak with your Consultant asap just incase your Drugs aren't working and you may need to change. Gud luck and let us know how you get on xx


Thanks for your reply - I think it's just been a blimp as the medication that I'm on has seen my Vasculitis in remission for 3 years now.

I'm also pleased to say that the pain has diminished considerably & that I'm able to get around pain free although will continue to take some painkillers & mention to my Consultant if the symptoms persist.

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Do talk to your consultant if things do not improve. Azathioprine works for a lot of people but not for everyone. It s the least powerful of the immunosuppressant's. Sadly, it did not control my husbands WG at all.


Thanks - I telephoned my Consultant's Secretary & talked through the symptoms & She has very kindly booked me into the Clinic this Wednesday at Darent Valley Hospital & emphasised the need for me to have gone to A&E yesterday but thankfully it appears to be easing today although the rash/ spots are still prevailent


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