Vasculitis Uk take a bow. Manchester Royal Infirmary ditto

Hello all

This is an update on my hubby's situation.

You may remember my posting asking for help because I was concerned about my husband and some worrying symptoms he has.

As a five autoimmune disease owning body, I have done a lot of research etc on Healthunlocked, and found much support and advice for which I am grateful.

I was urged to get my husband to ring the helpline for advice, but being male, sorry men, he was obstinate. Eventually, by making him aware of the depth of my worry, he did so.

The result was an underlining of my concern which galvanised him into action. The advice and support he received on the helpline on the right, here, was gold dust. Such a relief to know that he is on the right track now.


Our thanks go to the helpline staff who give of their time so generously, for us lost souls. It has made such a difference to our lives. Quite a bold but TRUE assertion. Not bad for a free voluntary service. We will be making a monetary gesture of thanks to the charity to help them continue their good work.

Have you benefited from their help? Have you considered putting a price on that, if you can?

That's the end of the tin rattling folks. I just felt moved to jiggle it a bit!!!

Words are so inadequate, but making a real difference is priceless.

Thank you all at Vasculitis Uk, and thanks to you too, for listening and supporting us through this difficult time.

Much love


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  • Glad to hear you're progressing...

  • Thanks Guru


  • Thanks for the kind words and feedback Footygirl. So pleased to hear that the appt was positive and hope that they get to the bottom of things soon. Xx

  • Thanks guru


  • Thanks for your advice. I think I will do this.

  • Here here. Gave me great advice too. 'M'

  • yes...thank you all for help and support in difficult times !

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