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Circulation booster

Afternoon all. Can anyone tell me if the use of a circulation booster such as Revitive is good for vasculitis. My partner has it in the lower legs, there are no open sores now but the area is all a darkish purple colour (like he's wearing socks) he has no pain but has to be very careful if he gets any injuries in that area as it can start off the ulcerations again and a few times has lead to a blood infection. I want to make sure that he's not doing more harm than good by using one! Thanks in advance :-)

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I really think this is a question for his consultant. I know that somewhere on one of the PMR forums (I think) this was discussed a few months ago and there is far more to consider than just the claims for improved blood flow. But of course, I can't find it!


Thanks for your help. He doesn't have a consultant at the moment because we live in Spain, sort of under the radar. Next year we'll be legal, all above board. But until then we have to rely on any help we can get on blogs like this. Thanks again we will try to find the posts you refer to :-D


I asked my consultant and in his opinion I would be wasting my money as it is nerve damage and nothing will improve that but the body itself. But I'm guessing others may have had other advice. Xx


According to my neuro consultant nerve damage in first 2 - 3 years can repair itself though not necessarily completely. This has been apparent in my case with hands/fingers in particular having recovered the least and I also have partial numbness & wastage of arms/legs muscles. Bearing in mind my CSS had induced a TIA, reducing circulation in my left leg, I asked my rheumatology consultant if using a circulation booster would help and not be detrimental in any way. He said it would be ok to try it so I bought one. I used it regularly to start with but can't say it was instrumental in repairing any nerve damage which, along with exercises I had to do, certainly improved - I can now do my shirt buttons up though with more difficulty if hands are cold. I have not used the booster for about 5 years now but at times think I should try it again now that everything seems to have plateaued.


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