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Vascultius in the testes

Hi. Wondered if anyone else had had vasculitus in this area? My brother has it and had a teste removed due to infection. He has a lot of pain in that area and now in hospital where they are controlling the pain and he's had an infusion of rimuxitab. It is rare for it to be found in this area but if anyone else has it , wondered which medication/ infusions worked for them?

He also seems to have an allergic reaction to some steroids. Has anyone else come across this ?

Any help appreciated.

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Certain types of Vasculitis can affect the testes 35merlin , what type has your brother been diagnosed with?


Hi, they've just said GPA .


Dear merlin,

Sorry to hear about your brother Merlin, this does sound rather painful- to me anyway. Now normally, at this point, I would try to lighten the mood, with some funny 'quip' perhaps, but this is too seriouser matter for such levity. Is/are these his only symptoms? I, have to say, I very much doubt it. Generally speaking symptoms include; aches-other than the obvious-tummy troubles, especially wind, constipation and 'griping'. Fairly 'spectacular' headaches have also been reported (that's from the literature).

Which hospital is your brother under? Can he get to Addenbrooke's, in Cambridge? It's only that Dr David Jane, who is the leading expert-in the UK, if not the world, is based there. No I'm not nagging, really I'm not, only do, no really, really do get a referral there. Sorry to 'harp on' but it IS important!

Please will you let us all know, how your husband gets on.

In the mean time I send you, all our, kind regards.



Hi there, yes he is in Addenbrookes at the moment and thankfully he lives in Cambridge anyway so it's close. No he has Mose crusting and inflammation and they've said it is GPA . These are the main symptoms do far touch wood.


Well if there is any 'luck', to be 'found' here, it is that your husband lives so close to Addenbrooke's.


Yes, well it's my brother but yes , v handy.


The testicles can be directly attacked by vasculitis in polyarteritis nodosa causing pain and swelling and subsequent loss of function. GPA (Wegener's) type of vasculitis can affect the prostate gland. Cyclophosphamide can affect fertility. Your brother is in good hands at addenbrookes.



Yes I've looked into pollard.. No doss and I don't think his symptoms fit so Yep well now they've seen he has a non dangerous cyst in his teste so they will give him penicillin for that and try hydrocortisone for the vasculitus so hope it helps.


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