Churg Strauss and Gastritus

Having been diagnosed with Churg Strauss syndrome over 4 years ago it seems to be under control with Methotrexate and Plaquenil. BUT I now have developed Gastritus (inflammation of the stomach lining), and a small ulcer, which is eased if I take Omazaprole, but my doc has said I cannot take that full time with there an alternative to Omazaprole? Or can my Methotrexate be given by injection to avoid the stomach?? Does is then have to be a lower dose?? Doctor here is france isn't very pro-active, just keeps doling out the meds! Any advice gratefully received

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  • Hi Sarah,

    I am sure I took MTX and omeprazole together. MTX can be given by weekly injection but it's much more expensive that way. Have your Dr's ruled out H pylori as a cause of the ulcer?

  • In less than 30% of cases of CSS the gastrointestinal tract can be affected , it is rare but important it is recognised. Oral prednisolone can cause ulcers too so it is important to take Omeprazole to protect the stomache. So it is important to see a doctor who knows a lot about CSS.

  • I've CSS and have taken lazoprozole and ranitidine to help with stomach problems - not sure if they would be better alternatives?

  • I take omrprazole every day and I have never been told not to take it when I have methrotrexate or anything... Pharmacists have never questioned this either.

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