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well been turned down yet again for my P.I.P, iam really getting depressed now. What do these people no about WG when your own GP struggles to understand it. I alsohave 3 other complaints aswell( diabetes, Thrombocypenia and Asthma) but because i can basically feed myself, get a wash and 1/2 dress myself they are not interested, if only they understood how it effects my day to day life but they dont ask that, i was asked to walk 5ft and then told i was able to walk 200mtrs aided or unaided what a laugh eh!!!!! we have coke central heating i cannot even lift the coke scuttle and have already dropped the ashpan (which when hot is a fire risk) but they are not bothered about how i manage when my husband is not there. Anyway enough of my rambling but i just get so frustrated. Sorry!!!!

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You need to appeal, a lot are won on appeal.


Thanks Nadine99 but you no what its like you just get soooo fed up with it all.


I do all the paperwork on behalf of my husband and we are lucky that now we are retired, we can persevere with these things but if you have any strength left in you, please try to appeal and get what you deserve.


Have you written to Vicky? You must appeal, Vicky can help with some information. Vicky@vasculitis.org.uk 7 out of 10 appeals are upheld for those diagnosed with Vasculitis



I agree don't give up.

I have just submitted my renewal of ESA to stay in the support group .I hope I am successful.

I do understand how you feel as it's so difficult enough filling the form when you are struggling and unwell

Life is a challenge


Hi Sandie, Please get in touch so that I can send you some information on how to challenge this decision. I have access to some very useful guides and can give you some examples to work from. My email is vicky@vasculitis.org.uk


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