Well what a blow today, been refused PIP after been on DLA unconditionally. I have WG, Diabetes and thrombocytopenia as if that isnt enough and 3pages of perscriptions. Some of these people want to have some of our nasty diseases and they would no what it is like. Because we look ok they think there is nothing wrong with us. Well enough moaning and put it down to experience.

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  • You have to challenge and appeal this decision! The majority of appeals get upheld. Atos and Capita are under pressure from the DWP to refuse as many applicants as they can only to have the initial decision overturned upon appeal. Vicky Taylor (vicky@vasculitis.org.uk) can give very good advice if you need help in appealing.

  • If you write to Vicky at Vicky@vasculitis.org.uk she will help with some advice and info. As Albasain says you must appeal asap.

    all the best


  • Don't you dare put it down to experience. Find the strength and appeal. You must, don't let them get away with it.

    Go Girl

  • I would suggest you become a member of Benefits and Work, They help show you what to do and how to complete the form and give you many great ideas, if I remember it is not at a great cost and at the end of the day, it is worth every penny - it is happening all the time! please consider it and hope this link below is correct, if not look up Benefits and Work, they are there to help us and thanks to them, I have managed to get DLA, it could be my turn again as they move us all over: click.icptrack.com/icp/rela...

  • Please appeal. It's an absolute disgrace that people who are unwell are having this extra burden of upset and worry put on them. Many people win at appeal. I had to appeal for my DLA twelve years ago. I won the appeal.

  • Good luck with your appeal take someone with you and tell them you are going to record it. Here is the link to the above reply Benefits & Work.


  • yes appeal and appeal again if you have to, don't let them do this x

  • I would just like to say a big thankyou to all that have got back to me about PIP and also to Vicky who gave me some very useful information. Thankyou all.

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