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Cerebral vasculitis

My 81 year old dad has just been diagnosed with cerebral vasculitis and I dont see a lot about it on the Internet. Any idea on things like driving again after an episode and recovery time? Symptoms similar to other posts here started 3 months ago and he has been in hospital for 4 weeks. He is slowly responding to steroids but only just starting to make a bit more sense now. Any Information be very much appreciated.

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My experience is that DVLA tend to underestimate the effects of cerebral vasculitis. Except that is where there has been a clear stroke or TIA. For more on things see

Your dad's consultant should be able to give advice on driving in the meanwhile.

Is your Dad getting any treatment other than steroids? Usually some form of immunosuppression or chemotherapy is needed in acute cerebral vasculitis cases.

I fell ill at age 22 in 1994 and stopped driving almost completely in 1996, after several near accidents. Apart from checking my field of vision (during which I wasn't to drive) the medics and DVLA never bothered too much about me driving, with me easily passing the every 3 year checks they asked for. Until 2010 when my license was finally revoked. I wasn't feeling safe to drive then anyway.


Forgot to comment on recovery time. I'm afraid some people do not fully recover. The efficiency of recovery depends on speed of diagnosis, and thus amount of brain damage caused already, and getting effective strong enough treatment.

Quite a number of cerebral vasculitis patients have an almost progressive MS-like form. That's the type I have. Our symptoms often developed slowly, which means we were typically misdiagnosed, and the disease process was well entrenched before treatment started.

In other cases the disease hits suddenly and causes a clear unambiguous stroke or TIA, and is diagnosed fast. Even then adequate treatment is needed to prevent further progression and more brain damage and disability.

I am encouraged that your Dad's symptoms started only 3 months ago. That suggests the disease has been caught early, and gives him the best chance of a good recovery.


Thanks for your reply, we should see the consultant this week and he may get some additional medication to go along with the steroids. He is only on 20mg as he is suffering from delirium at night and they need to medicate him to calm him down. I was thinking his age would not help but he is fit and was very independent before this so I suppose every case is different.


This page might help from the VUK website Tazzi22

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