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ms yendole

could some 1 please help me, I had an loop ileostomy done in 2012, was supposed to be reversed in 2013, still waiting, when it does get done, at the same time they have to remove the gall bladder. 2yrs later they have to go back in as they didn't sew up all the holes inside of me, so now I have a giant sized, Hernia on my left side. have had bloods taken recently by my gp, they thought it was fluid on my left knee, then they looked at right knee, swollen, not red hot, hard job to stand up. I have had psoriatic arthiritus since 7yrs old, osteo on right knee, & rhumatoid in hands & wrists for well over 10yrs. as my gp tells me I am slowly falling apart, this I agree with. I have an apt with the X. ray dept at w-s-m hospital. on Friday this week, a friend is takeing me down.i have now been told its gout in both of my knees, but left knee it has taken itself down to my ankle. & right knee has taken the pain, & swelling upto the right Hip Joint. could well do with out this.i am able only to go out once every month, that is to my hosp appts, my drs or nurses come over to see me.. when they want blood, or to take note of my condition.Can the reversal of the loop ileostomy still go ahead, & the gall bladder removed, at the same time, as I have problems with my kidneys. which got found out today. thank you. if there is any 1 out there that could give me some advice, I really would be very grateful. my name is Sharon.

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Dear yendole,

I don't know about your specific condition, or indeed, a lot about many of the matters that you raze. I DO know that you should NOT be left like this! Time to get back to your Doctors/Consultants and cause 'Hell'. (I AM aware that this is not in your nature-it isn't in any of ours BUT......).

Please do try to get things sorted Yen. I, indeed all of us, send you are kindest wishes.



Hi Sharon, you certainly seem to have had a bad time all round. This is all very technical stuff and the best person to ask about reversing the ileostomy and at the same time removing the gall bladder is the surgeon. What treatment have you had in the past for the psoriatic & rheumatoid arthritis and what treatment are you having now? Why did you lave the loop ileostomy done? Which hospital is wsm - I can only guess Weston Super Mare!

Best wishes - John


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