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We are aware we have members in this area, state of emergency since 60,000 homes are without power, they urgently need help. Can we support our members during this time. There is a number of appeals in force on facebook if you wish to get involved. They need childrens cots, bedding, towels, clothes, transport, a shoe box xmas appeal has been set up. Wrapping paper, Transport from manchester, and more all needed.

If anyone is from this area and would like to put your contact details the appeal services need to know where to send this stuff, feel free to message me or view facebook pages thanks

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Thankfully I wasn't affected other than my village being cut off for three days but I have friends who weren't so lucky. The Cumbria Community Flood Appeal is a great way to help via but I'm sure donated items will be equally appreciated. The news crews have now left but the rebuilding of lives will go on for a long time to come.


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