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Advice on travel to US


my husband (who was diagnosed with GPA last year and is now in drug induced remission ) and I have booked to travel to Austin towards the end of the year to see our son.

He went into remission quickly and there has been no damage to his lungs. He is on Aza 150 mgs and 2 mgs steroids presently.

What precautions should he take flying? Is a face mask useful? And should he take an emergency supply of antibiotics ?

He has no other illnesses (fingers crossed it continues)

Should we look at a consultant in Austin in case? Any names would be helpful if anyone is treated in this area.

Anything else we need to consider?

Thank you in anticipation .

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Have you both got insurance and does your husband have one from a specialist in medical conditions and the USA?

Main1234 in reply to Sima1952

Yes we have insurance . His consultant in in the UK I was just wondering if we needed a consultant when away for advice if anyone knew of a good contact

Hi Mani1234, good l'm glad you both have travel insurance, to many people don't have when they travel. With regards to a Consultant States side, have you contact the Vasculitis UK office as they have an abundance of knowledge and may be able to help you, if not l'm sure they'll know someone who can.

Have a lovely holiday.


Main1234 in reply to Sima1952

Thanks great idea

Always use a face mask when on an airplane, and when at the medical clinics or any other places where you are in a crowd of people.

Main1234 in reply to PattyMPA

Thank you for coming back to me. Think there are mixed reports re masks.. we did not use one just took extra care with hand washing and hygiene.

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