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Total knee replacement

Posting from hospital day 2 after op, severe pain and heavy bruising,current meds 20 mg pred,25mg mtx,200mg tramodal am/ pm,folic onezrapole etc. Supplemented by 10 mg mst and 10 mg oxymon, physio is really sore and leads to increase swelling of knee and surrounding tissue, advice please from any other major surgery patients, reference pain management,49 yr old man 6'1' 174 lbs

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Hi Nick H,

I would ask to see the acute pain team to get your analgesia sorted out. Tramadol, MST and oxynorm is maybe not the best combination.

To a certain extent pain relief can't totally get rid of post op pain, persevere with the physio unless it is doing actual damage. Is your Vasculitis flaring at all, you may need an increased dose of prednisolone on the short term.

Hope you start to feel better soon.


Thanks Keyes day 6 now down to my usual meds supplemented by 60mg codiene phosphate and 1 mg paracetamol,pain getting tolerable,no sign of a flare yet! Bruising very heavy,hopefully onwards and upwards,orthopaedic surgeon did comment that he did uncover more inflammation than expected,


Hi Nick,

Glad things are improving. Any kind of orthopaedic surgery is pretty " brutal " in the operating room and there is rightly a big push to get patients up and moving as quickly as possible.

I hope you start to enjoy the benefits of your new knee soon, nothing is ever straightforward when you have Vasculitus!

Best wishes


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