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Flu Vaccination Time

Hi folks, it's that time of year when we have to start thinking about flu jabs and the government have issued their vaccination advice (see the links below).

The general advice is that immunosuppressed people should have the flu jab unless you are allergic to it. However, please talk to your GP and/or consultant if you have any concerns about flu vaccinations.

Note that according to the government's figures, immunocompromised people are one of the highest "at risk" groups should they contract the flu. If you also have diabetes, respiratory, heart or kidney problems then the risk is even higher. Being vaccinated doesn't guarantee you won't catch the flu but it will reduce your chances and may mean you have a more mild episode.

All flu vaccines except one (Fluenz Tetra) contain the inactivated (dead) flu virus and are safe for us to have.

However Fluenz Tetra (a nasal spray vaccine) contains a live, attenuated (weakened) virus. This is normally given to children since it is more effective for them. But it should *not* be given to children who are immunosuppressed, although they can still have the inactivated jab.

There is also some concern that children who have been given the nasal spray may expose immunocompromised family members to flu for 1-2 weeks after vaccination. The main risk appears to be for severely immunocompromised people but I'd suggest you discuss this with your GP or consultant if you think it might affect you.

The links below are for the government's advice around flu jabs, a detailed list of the vaccines being used this year and the "green book" information for doctors and other health professionals.

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NO Way will I ever have the flu injection again,I think it would kill me...this was the cause of my Patient Information Leaflet under Sanofi....side effexts of flu injection ..(Sanofi being a Drug Manufacturer)


Hi, so sorry to hear that you've had that reaction to the flu jab.

I have heard this before and looking around on the internet it seems that there are a few reports of this happening on very rare occassions. But even the professionals are divided in opinion about the association between vaccination and vasculitis. For example :

Sadly with all medicines there can be a few very rare cases of severe problems. I think most folk here will be aware of the potential problems that Prednisolone can cause for example. And yet it does save lives. So it's often a matter of weighing up the potential risks versus the proven benefits.

If anyone is concerned they should talk to their consultant for professional advice. But certainly it's very well documented that there's a life threatening risk if you catch flu when immunosuppressed.

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Hi Richard thanks for your reply....nothing will convince me otherwise re flu jab,I was in fine health before that...and Sanofi do state on rare occasions vasculitis can had to be me didnt it !!!


Dear Richard,

My GP has 'done' mine, for many years now, and recently my Pharmacist offered to do, a flu 'jab', at my convenience-so I seem to have this covered.

Talking of getting 'things' covered, as it were. I am prescribed a, very high, factor sun block. This because I have had a Kidney transplant but, and 'they' can only say no, it might be possible to get this for Immuno-Suppressed people to. Surly worth a 'shot' anyway.

Anyway, unless there is an very, very, good reason not to please Do get immunised!


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