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Root cause of autoimmunity

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Nov 24, 2014 - Uploaded by TheIHMC

The intestinal epithelium is the largest mucosal surface providing an interface between the ..

I came across the above doctor's lecture and was stunned by this new research. Prednisone is truly a miracle drug but If its function is to turn off the immune system, It doesn't address what has gone wrong and how to fix it.

I apologize it's so long, but it was so interesting I ended up watching it twice.

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Thanks, good post. Believe the auto immunity is an important aspect we need to address.


Will have to share this with John after the books he has been reading this last few weeks.

Thanks for sharing

Susan :-)


This guy has an amazing and engaging way of putting across quite heavy medical scientific information in a most painless and enjoyable way. I recently sat through a lecture by a leading cell biologist talking about this and although it was interesting, it was soo technical & brain-numbing. The message here is fascinating and very meaningful. Don't be put off by the fact it is over an hour long, just settle down & enjoy it. Then get hold of a copy of "Missing Microbes" by Dr Martin Blaser who is a practising doctor and well known researcher into the microflora of the gut and a very senior adviser on Infectious diseases to the US Government. Like Alessio Fasano, he has the ability to put very stuffy information over in a very understandable way.



Maybe a measure of intestinal permeability and hence GCA activity should be circulating levels of zonulin as Alessio Fasano states. They might give more critical information than ESR and CRP.


What a Great lecturer with sense of humour and the time just flew .....will take your advice and get a copy of Missing Microbes too .....