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International Vasculitis Medical Conference 2015

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It is the Vasculitis 2015 Medical Conference starting today. Over 600 doctors have registered. The programme is extremely busy and varied. John is speaking at 11am this morning. We have our stand all ready. 😊 we have already restocked our information stand and table twice and it only 9am 😊

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Good Luck, it all sounds really interesting.

Well done, thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the vasculitis sufferers!

What were the main points that John was presenting .. I would be interested to know?

Thanks ....

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Suzym2uModerator in reply to JontyW

John gave a joint presentation with Kate Gilbert from PMR/GCA .

The mid morning session was called PATIENTS PRIORITIES

Patient Priorities from a Physicians perspective - Prof Neil Basu

Medical Professionals and Patients in Partnership for better outcomes. The mutual benefits of professionals, patients & patient organisations working together, in the new era of the Internet. - Kate Gilbert and John Mills

Development of a Vasculitis Cate Optimisation Tool ( VasCOT ) in collaboration with Hitachi Europe - Dr Nina Brown

Predictors of quality of life in Behcets Syndrome - Dr G Hatemi

Persistent Fatigue in Patients with ANCA Associated Vasculitis is associated with autonomic dysfunction symptoms - Dr A Mason

great news well done to you both and all the people behind the scene that help you. jules


Thank you for your commitment and hard work. Hope all goes well.

you both have amazing stamina and dedication - the work you do is fantastic

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Final day today - it has been a most interesting an exciting few days. So much research happening all over the world but especially here in the UK. Met some really interesting doctors too. John will be giving some feed back at the Vasculitis East Midlands Support group meeting and the AGM. We are hoping to produce a special conference/symposium edition of the newsletter too.

The stamina is waning a little but it has certainly been full on since Friday evening. ☺️


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Fennahj7115 in reply to Suzym2u

The conference sounded very interesting. I would be delighted to have a newsletter about the special conference/symposium. I was very disappointed that I was unable to attend. So any feedback would be very welcome.

Thank you for all your hard work.

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orsen-trapp in reply to Suzym2u

I had paid no attention to the conference/symposium posts until I tried to get hold of my consultant and found she was away until tomorrow ... then I realised where she was (don't think there's an emoticon for 'numpty')!!! :P

Really wished I could have attended this but with my energy levels where they are at present, it wasn't possible. 😔. Looking forward to hearing all about it though! Well done John & Sue for being there to represent all of us that couldn't make it. 👍

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