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Vasculitis Patient Symposium - London - April 18th 2015

Vasculitis Patient Symposium - London - April 18th 2015

A Day to Remember - ‪#‎Vasculitis‬ Patient Symposium Saturday 18th April 2015 ‪#‎VasculitisUK‬ Symposium 2015 - The first International Vasculitis Medical Conference took place in Copenhagen in 1988. Since then, every two years there has been a conference in a different city in Europe or the US. In 1993 it took place in Cambridge, in 1998 in Birmingham. This year the conference is in ‪#‎London‬ on 19-22 April. To coincide with the medical conference and take advantage of the presence of so many top vasculitis experts in London, Vasculitis UK are hosting a one-day Patient Symposium in the same venue as the Conference. We believe that this is the first time such an event has taken place, to tie in with the medical conference. Please follow this link for more details

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This is the link to the Eventbrite Invitation :-)


I'm planning to attend but believe it or not, I have got 6 different hospital (mostly further afield) appointments to attend before mid-April thanks to the latest flare.

:( After that, things are going to be quieter (I'm hoping). I haven't booked yet just in case.

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it will be good to meet up with you ferntree :-) John has had 8 appointments in the last 12 weeks,, but hopefully all will calm down for him now ready for the Symposium


Hi Suzy, oh really? I'm sorry to hear that. :( It' really good to hear John is receiving all he needs to get better especially for the conference / symposium in April. Our battle against our own immune system. Thank you for your kind words.

Best wishes,


Sorry I can not make it, as I had previously planned to show and attend an Art Exhibition in Bristol.


It should be a day like none before. All the speakers are top end - but also very personable and patient friendly. Maria Cid from Spain is one of the best on GCA and a very nice person too. She does speak fluent English of course.

Justin Mason is the top man on all types of Large Vessel Vasculitis - especially Takayasu's.

We are greatly honoured to have Peter Merkel from Philadelphia as one of our speakers , Peter is recognised as one of the worlds leading experts on all types of vasculitis. He is a very interesting and lively speaker too.

We also have Thomas Hauser from Zurich, who is a worlds expert on ANCA vasculitis.

We have Neil Basu from Aberdeen who will be talking about fatigue in vasculitis and Richard Watts from Ipswich who will be talking about "Who gets Vasculitis and Why" and many other excellent speakers from the UK

It is intended to be a very interactive, informative, educational and above all - enjoyable day for both doctors & delegates.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Best wishes - John :-)


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