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Hello. I was just wondering whether anyone on here who has Takayasu has had angioplasty and/or stenting for narrowed arteries. I'm treated at Addenbrookes and have just started taking Tocilizumab. The doctors have just started talking more seriously about doing angioplasty on my left sub clavian. I would be interested in hearing anyone else's experiences with this procedure. Thanks. Jane

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Sorry, Jane, can't help you from experience. But last time I saw Dr Jayne he made a similar comment. No idea whether it's likely to go further as I've had to up my drugs. Good luck with the Tocilizumab.


Dear Jane,

Sorry but I don't know anything much either-we are a useless 'lot' aren't we? Maybe John, or Susan, might have heard of Takayasu-maybe anyway! As regards whether, or not it will be effective-re your condition...Sorry once again!

I'll go and put my head in a bucket of water now-it's about all I'm good for!

Kind regards AndrewT


Hi Jane, I have Takayasu's and had angioplasty done on my right sub clavian in January. I chose to have it done as a day case with local anaesthetic. The procedure it's self wasn't too bad. They managed to get into my artery via my arm and all in all It took approx. 2.5 hours. I had to lie flat and still for 2 hours after the procedure. I did have bad bruising after. The surgeons weren't able to stent mine, partly because of where it was and partly because I have already had bypass in this area. Since the procedure my hand is warmer and you can sometimes feel a very faint pulse (haven't had a pulse for ages). My upper arm isn't really much better. The surgeon was unsure how long the benefits of this would last in my hand as I have quite extensive scarring to my arteries. They did however say I could have this procedure as often as required to keep artery open and if that didn't work out I would be looking at another bypass surgery. I'm glad I went ahead with it. Ali x


Thanks very much for your replies. I had thought that they had decided against it for the moment because I've recently changed medication and things seemed to have got worse. Maybe Addenbrookes has decided to do more interventions for people without pulses. Thanks Ali for sharing your experience and I'm glad you're feeling the benefits. It doesn't sound too awful a procedure. It will be interesting to see what they say next time I'm in clinic. Thanks again.


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