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Not sure what this is

Hi everyone,

Not got a vasculitis diagnosis and this maybe nothing to do with blood vessels but i wanted to post to get your views on one omy symptoms.

I keep getting a heart flutter and sometimes missed beats, i have had several 24 hour monitors which showed heart beat irregularity, the problem i feel is coming from some obstruction or imflamation near a blood vessel as this happens when i am in a certain position like when im laying down or if i have to raise my arm at times i can feel it.

Its very unerving and its difficult to get the doctor to look at the cause.

If this has heppened to others could you let me know and how did you find out what was causing it.



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Hi. I get extra (ectopic) and missed heart beats as well as occasional palpitations. None of these are directly related to my vasculitis, they are all due to my heart condition.

I believe that ectopics and missed beats are generally not a serious problem although they can be a bit unpleasant at times. I tend to notice mine more when I'm lying down just before sleep when everything is that bit quieter. Palpitations can be managed and mine can be triggered sometimes just by my lying in a certain position or even just bending down to pick something off the floor.

I assume that you are seeing a cardiologist if you've had 24 hour monitors ? It would probably be best for you to ask them about this really. They should be able to set your mind at rest about the symptoms you describe. And if there is anything more serious to look into then I would expect them to schedule more tests and be suggesting a treatment plan for you.

Finally, there's an Arrythmia Alliance group here on Health Unlocked that might be worth taking a look at :

They support people with all sorts of heart arrythmias from the mildest to the most severe types. Their website is here :

Hope this helps,



Dear Christine,

I rather agree with Richard-yes, no doubt, you have had many, many scans too numerous to list (the whole internet only has a finite amount of space, after all!!). I will however add this, to Richard's comments- If your doctors/consultants were that worried about you you would be in hospital- I can promise you that. I can, perhaps perversely, re-assure you by virtue of the fact that your tests are 'on going'. I hope that this makes sense to you; the old 'no news is good news'- and it really is true here I'm quite sure of it.

Do speak to your doctors/consultants further as, and I'm equally sure of this, you are clearly still worried. (The fact that you have written this 'post' is testament to the fact.) It actually doesn't do any of us any harm, at all, to ask sensible questions of our doctors, some times. (I know, from my own experience, about heart problems- my vasculitis did attack my heart, along with my brain and kidneys.)

Anyway I send you my, indeed all our, best wishes Christine.



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