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Advice please

Ive had WG for 15 yrs , my last flare up was 10 yrs ago. I'm not on any medication. In November I had a ? virus which caused shortness of breath , pyrexia and fatigue. After being given 2 types of antibiotics I suddenly developed bilateral knee pain, over Christmas and the new year my symptoms included night sweats, high temps, the crustings in my nose worsened , abnormal heartbeat. I had blood tests done which showed my ESR and CRP were rising. CXR was normal. Last weekend I took my daughter back from Swansea to Leeds Uni and was admitted to LGI with acute right sided pain in my lower lung/Liver/kidney ares. Blood tests show again my bloods are on the up CXR normal and CT of renal tract normal, although there is blood in my urine .

I now have (6 days) a pain in my right side which , if I sneeze or inhale deeply or sharply or try to sleep on my sides, I am in agony. Any one with any suggestions? I am seeing my consultant on Tuesday

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John suffered with something similar to this a few years ago, he thought he had pulled a muscle around his lower rib area and shoulder... One evening he was in so much pain that when he tried to inhale, we eventually had to call A&E. The Paramedics thought John was having a heart attack as his oxygen levels had dropped to below 90 and he was in so much pain. But we both thought it was the WG (GPA). After a couple of hours in A&E and a phone call to his doctor who treats John for his vasculitis, they finally diagnosed inflammation of the intercostal muscles ( The muscles in between his ribs) the WG had caused this inflammation. He was given a steroid injection and kept in hospital for 48 hours and his prednisolone was increased for a short while after.

All the best



Thanks Sue. Just saw GP who thinks It's costochondritis , inflammation of the cartilage in my lower ribs. Thanks to you and allyg for your help. Ps gutted I missed you in Wales x


Before I was diagnosed with vasculitis I suffered years of pain in my lower rib area on my right hand side, my GP said it was an inflamation of the bottom, floating 'extra rib' which hurt and that some people get this and no-one knows why.

Since taking meds for vasculitis (including an anti imflammatory) my pain has improved and although I get pain when taking a deep breath or coughing and it does still hurt if I lie on that side it is bearable.

I also put heat on it which helps ease the pain at night.


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