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Thank You from all at Vasculitis UK

Just wanted to say thank you to all VUK's followers, supporters and fundraisers for not only fundraising for Vasculitis UK but for raising awareness of Vasculitis too.

Here is a snapshot of some of VUK's fundraises from the website

Happy New Year, Lets hope it is a good one for everyone

Susan :-)

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year..... and thank all those working hard on our behalf!


Happy New Year Shella :-)


Thank you VUK for providing this forum, for all the information I have been able to access and for John's advice when I was first diagnosed. Actually, I don't know where else I could have turned. Wishing everyone a happier healthier New Year!!


Happy New Year FatFaceBob :-) and John says Happy New Year too


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