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UK Ghostbusters are fundraising for Vasculitis UK in January

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Ghostbusters UK have been raising funds for Vasculitis UK during 2014 and will continue to do so in 2015. Digi-Con - Doncaster will be their first event for 2015. The Ghostbusters have commissioned a new badge and will be selling these for £2 each with all funds coming to V-UK. They will have their usual proton packs for you to try and so much more for your enjoyment. Follow the link for more details.

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Would be there with you but unfortunately 10th Jan is the day I go skiing. This will be my first attempt at skiing again since being diagnosed with vasculitis (EPGA, aka CSS) in Jan 2009. I was hoping to raise funds for VUK during my ski hol but regrettably left my 'unique' TNG Star Trek costume (The lightest in weight.) at the Klingon Banquet in aid of the McMillan Cancer Support charity. Had no help from the hotel so I have to consider it lost and hopefully gone to a good home? The lovely person in Wolverhampton who made it for me in no longer does sci-fi costumes so I have to look elsewhere for someone who will have the pattern, and at a reasonable cost. Weight permitting, I shall consider taking my First Contact costume and footwear. I expect to have someone skiing with me so I'm going to keep a tally of how many times I can head down a piste each day before I join the 'Knackered Skiers' Society' lol. So if anyone wishes to sponsor me to raise money for the VUK charity, it will be much appreciated.

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Wow Derek, good luck with the skiing, :-) , John and I used to ski too, but sadly John had to give up when he was diagnosed in 2001. Maybe you should open a JG page for all your friends to donate it might make it easier for others to donate too. :-) Have a great time :-)

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Derek in reply to Suzym2u

Thank you. Yes, I've opened a JG page for this.

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have you got a link a to your JG page Derek :-)

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Suzym2uModerator in reply to Suzym2u

we got it... I believe Patricia has put it on the website :-)

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